Mobil Pegasus 610

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  • Mobil Pegasus 610

Mobil Pegasus™ 610 is a high performance natural gas engine oil primarily intended for the lubrication of modern medium and high speed four-cycle engines operating on fuel that contains corrosive materials such as hydrogen sulphide or halogens (compounds containing chlorine, fluorine, etc.). These engines are generally of the lean-burn design where increased manifold pressures prevent sufficient lubricant from reaching the valve guide areas resulting in low oil consumption which can lead to accelerated valve guide and valve recession. 


Features and Benefits

Mobil Pegasus 610 Gas Engine Oil provides an additional margin of protection in those applications using contaminated fuel. Its excellent detergent / dispersant technology also results in cleaner engines, lower wear rates and improved engine performance. The use of this product can result in reduced maintenance costs and improved production capacity. Its excellent chemical and oxidation stability can result in longer drain periods and reduced filter costs. The high reserve alkalinity of this product allows its use in engines operating on fuels with moderate amounts of corrosive materials in the fuel gas.



Advantages and Potential Benefits

High TBN and Reserve Alkalinity

Controls wear and corrosion when using contaminated gas

Protects valve seats and faces on four-cycle engines

Controls combustion chamber ash formation and improves spark plug performance

Outstanding Anti-wear and Anti-scuff Properties

Lower wear of engine components

Reduced scuffing of liners in highly loaded gas engines

Provides excellent break-in protection

Excellent Oxidation and Chemical Stability

Cleaner engines

Extended oil drain intervals

Reduced oil filter costs

Excellent resistance to oxidation and nitration

Effective Corrosion Resistance

Reduces valve guide wear in four-cycle gas engines

Protects bearings and internal components

Exceptional Detergent / Dispersant Properties

Neutralises formation of acids in the oil

Protection of upper cylinder and valve train components

Cleaner engines

Longer oil filter life

Non-zinc and Non-Phosphorus Formulation

Extend catalytic converter life and performance



Note : Engines operating on fuel gas with elevated levels of sulphur or chlorine compounds should also have coolant (jacket water) and oil temperatures raised.

  • Gas engines operating on fuel that contains moderate levels of hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
  • Engines operating on fuel containing other corrosive components such as TOHCl (Total Organic Halides as Chloride)
  • Spark ignited four-stroke cycle gas engines with very low oil consumption
  • Reciprocating compressors operating on natural gas that contains sulphur or halogens
  • High output or naturally aspirated engines operating at or in excess of rated capacity under high temperatures


Mobil Pegasus 610 is available in:

SAE Grade 40


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