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Mobil Special 2T is a high performance, two-stroke engine oil for use in motorcycles, snowmobiles and lean oil/fuel ratio chain saws. Mobil Special 2T is pre-diluted to ensure rapid mixing when added to fuel.


Features and Benefits

Mobil Special 2T combines quality mineral oils with an excellent additive system to provide good overall cleaning and performance.


Advantages and Potential Benefits

Good wear protection

Longer engine life

Thermal and oxidation stability and deposit control

Cleaner engines resulting in extended spark plug and valve life, reduced ring sticking and piston tightening as well as protection against pre-ignition problems

Good corrosion protection properties

Longer engine life

Reduces pre-ignition

Improved fuel efficiency and extended piston life



Mobil Special 2T is recommended by Exxonmobil for use two-stroke engines where JASO FB level performance is recommended.


Mobil Special 2T meets or exceeds the requirements of:



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