What you didn't know about synthetic technology


You've heard a lot about "synthetic technology motor oils," but do you really know what they are and what makes them different?

We will tell you some of the things that you have not dared to ask about them.

  • From where do they come?

Unlike mineral oils, synthetic technology lubricants are developed in laboratories. This makes it easier to ensure that each component of the oil provides various specific benefits and meets different quality standards, such as the new ILSAC GF-6 standard.

  • Are they more expensive?

It might sound like it but considering that a good oil retains its properties longer, prolongs the life of the engine and protects the vehicle from extremely costly damage, investing in the right oil can be synonymous with savings.

  • Why will they help you gain the trust of your customers?

As we already mentioned, the molecules that compose them are formulated in laboratories. This makes them more stable and resistant against oxidation, acidification and decomposition of their properties, making them more reliable and durable.

  • What kind of cars do they work on?

They are ideal for any engine. Better yet, there are lubricants designed for every type of vehicle. If you want to protect your engine with 100% synthetic technology, you can try Mobil Super™ and Mobil 1™ range of engine oils. But if you want to extend the life of your engine, you might want to use Mobil Super™ All-in-One Protection synthetic technology.

Mobil Synthetic Oil Technology
  • Can I switch from a mineral oil to a synthetic oil?

Yes, any engine can work properly with a lubricant that has synthetic technology, even for the first time.

Mobil™ offers a wide range of lubricants with synthetic technology designed to meet the needs of your engine.