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McKupler Inc. is a joint venture of McLarens Lubricants Limited of Sri Lanka and Kupler Industries Inc. of the Philippines.

We provide Filipinos with superior lubricant products. We distribute wide range of globally-acclaimed Mobil brand, ranging from: the world’s leading synthetic motor oil, Mobil 1; the pioneering diesel engine lubricants, Mobil Delvac; and Mobil Super that offers all-in-one protection.

Mobil™ industrial lubricants are developed by working closely with leading equipment builders. Our engineers gain deep insights into equipment trends and lubrication requirements to guide our lubricant researchers and formulators in designing highly effective lubricants — providing the exceptional and balanced performance required for today’s industrial equipment.

We also provide marine lubricant solutions. Our complete range of marine lubricants protect and enhance engines and equipment performance. It is all backed by technical support and services to help enhance operational performance.

McKupler Inc. has a combined of 60-years of business experience within the lubricant industry along with wealth of knowledge in technological advances. Through this venture, We are able to bring forward a hands-on approach in partnering with you in order to improve your productivity and profitability


To achieve excellence as the most efficient, effective and admired lubricant distributor in the country.


Grow, sustain and innovate our business by developing our people and culture, while meeting the rapidly changing expectations of customers.

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