Save fuel with the right oil

We all want to save fuel. But do you know the best way to do it?

Ever since the automobile was invented, fuel consumption has been a topic of interest. That's why rumors are circulating about the best savings techniques. Among them are the reduction of the use of cooling system (air conditioning), careful control of the accelerator in car and amount of fuel in the tank.

But there is a proven factor that often goes unnoticed: motor oil.

Proper lubrication and the correct viscosity facilitate efficient engine performance, avoiding wear, work overloads and less wasted fuelThe relationship between oil and fuel consumption is so important that in 2020 the Society of Automotive Engineers (API) published a motor oil classification standard called ILSAC GF-6, which establishes the requirements necessary to reduce fuel consumption and reduce polluting emissions from vehicles.

Money Saving Motor Oil

We also know that lubricant technology is essential for fuel economy. For this reason, our products meet and exceed all the requirements of ILSAC GF-6 and previous categories. We formulate lubricants, specially designed to provide fuel economy with our synthetic technology.

Check out the Mobil Super™ Friction Fighter lubricant. It is a synthetic technology engine oil formulated with Friction Fighter™ molecules to create a solid protective layer that cushions the impact when engine parts come in contact, protecting your engine against life-shortening wear.

Mobil Super™ Friction Fighter lubricant