The 3 enemies of your engine

You may not have realized it, but your engine is constantly haunted by dangerous enemies that can damage it. It is important that you identify them so that you can combat them and thus, give your engine a prolonged life.

1. Friction and Wear

Friction occurs whenever there is contact between metal surfaces that are in motion. This is responsible for the wear of your engine parts. Lubricants help reduce friction and wear, extending the life of your engine. Luckily, our Friction Fighter™ molecule has been designed in our labs to provide extra protection.

Automotive Engine  

Fight this duo with Mobil Super™ Friction Fighter!

Mobil Super™ Friction Fighter

2. Deposits

It is normal for various deposits to build up in the engine over time. This can lead to the formation of deposits that hinder the performance of your engine. This dirty enemy can be fought with a good lubricant that, in addition to cleaning, can offer good protection inside the engine.

Engine Deposits

 For this, you need the Mobil Super™ All-In-One Protection lubricant.

Mobil Super™ All-In-One Protection lubricant

3. Waste

This enemy, in addition to attacking your engine, attacks your pocket too. Without proper care, your engine may be wasting more fuel and lubricant than necessary. Fortunately, Mobil products like Mobil Super™ All-In-One Protection lubricant, a fully synthetic engine oil are formulated with Heat Activated Anti-Wear™ molecules. So, the more your engine heats up, the harder Mobil Super™ protects and delivers improved fuel economy.

 Engine Waste

Mobil™ lubricants meet and exceed standard requirements that provide the necessary quality in motor oils to improve cleanliness, better fuel efficiency and protection against wear.

Mobil™ lubricants