The 7 things that have disappeared or will soon disappear from cars

With the passage of time, cars have dispensed with some elements to adapt to new technologies and consumers. And as the years go by, it is very likely that even more elements, such as the ignition keys or even the steering wheel, will disappear in the distant future. Below we share with you the 7 objects that have gradually disappeared or are close to being extinguished.

1. Ashtrays and lighters

While in the last century the ashtray was an essential element in any car, over the years the assemblers have followed the recommendations and regulations of health organizations. Today, many brands ask you to pay extra to install it in your car, and some even no longer offer this option.

Car Ashtray Lighter
2. Vinyl covers
Vinyl roofing has come and gone several times, giving cars a sophisticated touch and the impression of being convertibles. However, it fell into disuse when the majority preferred to have covers made of steel or more resistant and safe materials.
3. Retractable headlights

You probably haven't seen these types of headlights in a long time, because over time the manufacturers decided they were impractical. These types of retractable headlights used to get stuck in ice or snow and were not entirely safe. Although we have to admit that they gave cars a special touch.

Retractable headlights

4. Radio antenna

Over the years, telescopic antennas have disappeared. Instead, brands have opted for more modern and discreet options on the windshield or integrated into the body.

5. Full-size spare tires

While most cars come with a spare tire, few come with a full-size tire as before. In an effort to optimize space, most manufacturers choose to offer more trunk space in exchange for a small spare tire for temporary use, or even just integrate an emergency parts kit.

6. The CD player

With the gradual disappearance of the CD, car manufacturers have gradually eliminated the player from consoles and audio devices. Now, it is common to find in modern cars Bluetooth connection or input for an auxiliary cable as part of the sound equipment.

7. The window cranks

You will hardly find a new model with this system to raise or lower the windows, and in large part, it is because, since 1940, when the automatic system appeared with the Packard 180, most brands have chosen to modernize.

Manual Car Window