Why are my car brakes clicking?

Surely you know that the brake system is vital for your safety and the operation of any vehicle. It is very important to be aware of its condition and keep it in good condition. But do you know why sometimes you hear a sound when braking?

The braking system works with different parts, such as the brake pads, which are responsible for holding the brake disc and stopping the movement of the wheels. When the brake pads come in contact with the brake disc, the kinetic energy of the moving wheels generates friction. On some occasions, this friction can cause a characteristic brake squeal, but this squeal may mean that something is wrong with the braking system. These are some of the most common causes:

Car Brakes

  • Lack of lubrication between brake pad and caliper
  • Crystallized discs or pads
  • Scratched, warped, or poor-quality discs
  • Rust, dirt, or dust on parts
  • Worn out brake pads
  • Very low temperatures

The squeal is not necessarily a sign of a problem with the brake system. However, if you hear any sound coming from your vehicle, it is best to take your vehicle to a professional, because a home inspection can be uncomfortable and dangerous, and there is no one better than an expert to find the problem and fix it safely. If you are looking for a reliable workshop, find your closest Mobil™ workshop/ trusted Service center.