Mobil Vacuoline 1400 Series

20 L20 L
Vendor: McKupler Inc. SKU: 123328

Mobil Vacuoline™ 1400 Series oils are extra high performance lubricants specifically designed to satisfy the requirements of machine tools that use one oil for both hydraulic systems and way lubrication. They are formulated using high quality mineral base oils and a unique additive technology that provides excellent lubricity properties to eliminate stick-slip and chatter of heavily loaded and vertical box ways.


Features and Benefits

The Mobil Vacuoline 1400 Series oils have been developed to provide an extra margin of machinery protection by satisfying the requirements of hydraulic systems while meeting the stringent demands of the ways. The dual purpose nature does not compromise either hydraulic system performance or the stick-slip or chatter of ways allowing their effective use in both systems while reducing the potential negative effects of cross contamination of lubricants and water or water-based coolants.



Advantages and Potential Benefits

Low Frictional Characteristics

Eliminates stick-slip and chatter of ways
Improves precision of parts
Provides consistent good work piece finish

Oxidation and Thermal Stability

Allows extension of service intervals
Reduces deposit and sludge formation
Keeps equipment lubricated surfaces clean

Rust and Corrosion Protection

Maintains excellent finish on ways
Reduces maintenance for rust and corrosion removal

Water and Water-Based Separability

Reduces the negative effects of these materials on working surfaces
Enhances aqueous coolant batch life and performance
Facilitates removal of water and water-based coolants from hydraulic systems and enhances service life

Adhesive Properties

Resists wash-off from ways
Protects surfaces from rust and corrosion
Assures consistent parts finish and accuracy

Load-Carrying Properties

Reduce wear
Extend equipment life

Multi-metal Compatibility

Provides protection of ferrous and non-ferrous components

Dual Purpose Design

Eliminates concerns of cross contamination and product mis-application
Reduces need of extra product


  • Machine tools with a common system for hydraulics and way lubrication
  • Applications where cross-contamination of way lube with hydraulic oil can result in poor performance
  • Machinery with separate systems for ways and hydraulics where one oil is desirable for both systems
  • Areas where conventional mineral based lubricants are not adequately protecting way surfaces


Available in ISO Viscosity Grades:

ISO VG 1405 (32), 1409 (68), 1419 (220)