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  • Mobil Gargoyle Arctic Oil 155, 300, Mobil Gargoyle™ Arctic C

Mobil Gargoyle™ Arctic Oil 155, 300, and Mobil Gargoyle™ Arctic C Heavy products are high performance naphthenic mineral oils primarily intended for use in refrigeration compressors. Use of these Mobil Gargoyle Arctic oils helps to ensure that evaporator tubes are kept clean to improve heat transfer and to reduce downtime for maintenance.


Features and Benefits

Mobil Gargoyle Arctic Oil 155, 300, and Mobil Gargoyle Arctic C Heavy were the pioneers of this brand and are specially manufactured to provide the specific properties required for refrigeration equipment. Not least among these are low pour point.


Advantages and Potential Benefits

Low wax content

Excellent low temperature flow and evaporator heat transfer for optimum system efficiency

Good chemical stability

Long service life resulting in less downtime and lower maintenance costs

Multi-purpose lubricants

Suitability for the lubrication of both cylinders and bearings reduces oil inventories



The Mobil Gargoyle Arctic Oil 155, 300, and Mobil Gargoyle Arctic C Heavy products are recommended for cylinder and bearing lubrication in most conventional refrigeration compressors and for other machinery operating at sub-zero temperatures. Typical applications include:

  • Large industrial reciprocating and rotary refrigeration compressors.
  • Industrial applications such as food freezing and cold storage plants
  • Marine refrigeration applications
  • Used primarily with ammonia refrigerant, but also used with selected halocarbons


Available in ISO Viscosity Grades:

ISO VG 32 (155), 68 (300)


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