Mobilgear SHC XMP 320

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- Mobilgear SHC XMP Series

Mobilgear™ SHC XMP Series High performance, synthetic industrial gear oils are designed to provide optimum equipment protection and oil life even under extreme conditions. Mobil's polyalphaolefin (PAO) technology has been selected for its exceptional oxidation resistance and thermal properties, naturally high viscosity index, excellent low temperature fluidity and absence of undesirable compounds that are often found in mineral oils. The high viscosity index and low traction coefficient of this oil combine to help provide significant reduction in power consumption in many gear drives.


Features and Benefits

A key factor in the development of the Mobilgear SHC XMP Series was the close contacts between our scientists and application specialists with key OEMs to ensure that our product offerings will provide exceptional performance with rapidly evolving industrial gear designs and operation.



Advantages and Potential Benefits

Superb protection from micropitting fatigue wear as well as high resistance to traditional scuffing wear

Extended gear and bearing life in enclosed gear drives operating under extreme conditions of load, speed and temperature


Reduced unexpected downtime and less maintenance - especially critical for difficult to access gearboxes.

Excellent resistance to degradation at high temperatures

Extended oil life and drain intervals reduced oil consumption and manpower costs

Low traction PAO base stocks for improved gear efficiency

Reduced energy consumption and lower operating temperatures

High viscosity index base stocks reduce viscosity change with temperature

Ability to operate at both high and low temperatures: especially critical in remote applications with no oil heating or cooling

Excellent resistance to rust and corrosion and very good demulsibility

Smooth, trouble-free operation at high temperatures or in water-contaminated applications


Excellent compatibility with soft metals

Outstanding filter life, even in presence of water

Fewer filter changes and reduced maintenance costs

Excellent compatibility with common gearbox materials of construction and with mineral-based gear oils

Simple conversion from many mineral products


Mobilgear SHC XMP Series supreme performance, fully synthetic industrial gear oils are designed to provide optimum equipment protection and oil life even under extreme conditions. They are especially formulated to resist micropitting of modern, case hardened gearing and can operate in both high and low temperature environments. Typical applications include:
  • Wind turbines, especially highly loaded and shock loaded units, remotely located units and extreme temperature environments
  • Plastic extruder gearboxes
  • Modern, highly loaded gearboxes used in the paper, steel, oil, textile, lumber and cement industries where gear protection and optimum oil life are required.


Available in ISO Viscosity Grades:

ISO VG 320, 460


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