Mobilgrease CM-P

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  • Mobilgrease CM Series

Mobilgrease CM Series products are a family of extra high performance extreme-pressure greases. All four products are manufactured with a proprietary high-temperature, lithium complex thickener system. They exhibit excellent resistance to softening under severe working and provide good adhesion and cohesion. An extreme-pressure additive provides exceptional protection against wear, while additional additives enhance resistance to high-temperature oxidation and protection against rust.


Features and Benefits

Mobilgrease CM Series greases are designed specifically to meet the needs of customers with heavily loaded equipment that require high EP/antiwear performance which remain in place even in tough conditions of water wash, high sliding and high temperature.


Advantages and Potential Benefits

Excellent resistance to water, including spray

Maintains excellent lubrication properties and protects equipment in conditions of water contamination

Very good EP and anti-wear protection

Lower maintenance costs and less unanticipated downtime

Better stay-put properties at high temperatures

Excellent performance in high shear, high load applications, especially where grease re-supply is limited

Resists rust and corrosion

Protects equipment in presence of water for reduced maintenance and longer equipment life

Good pumpability at low temperatures

Excellent low temperature properties including start-up in remote locations



         Recommended by ExxonMobil for use in heavily loaded applications or environments highly contaminated with water, especially in the contractor / mining sector. Specific examples of such applications include:

  • Heavy-duty trucks especially, hinge and bucket pins
  • Mining and construction equipment


Available in NGLI Grades:

NGLI Grade 1 (CM-L, CM-W), 2 (CM-P, CM-S)


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